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Interested in Mackay Boats

Interested in Mackay Boats


Sail1Design is thrilled to partner with Mackay Boats Ltd, a world-leading performance boat builder in Auckland, New Zealand. S1D has always supported performance youth sailing, and it is a great privilege to work with Mackay, a company universally recognized for superior craftsmanship and excellence in boat building. Mackay focuses on performance youth and Olympic boats, and has an unmatched record on sailing podiums around the world and at the Olympic games.
You put in countless hours to your sailing; make sure the people who make your equipment do the same. It can be daunting to order a boat built halfway around the world; Sail1Design is here to help with shipping, technical questions about the boats, and more. Put us to work for you, and settle for nothing but the best.
Sail1Design’s first Mackay i420, just completed and ready to ship!!

Interested in a world-class Mackay Boat? We’re here for:

For more information, please email us, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll be in touch right away!!

Mackay Boats specializes in:

At Mackay Boats we know what makes a fast boat.
After years of competing at the very top level we know the details that matter.

Mackay boats have won 30 medals at Olympic Games and 140 World Championship medals.
Our boats are

At Mackay Boats every manufacturing and design decision is analysed using the criteria “will it make the boat go faster?”

Some Recent Results:

2019 420 Worlds

2019 470 Worlds

2018 49er Worlds

2018 420 Worlds

2017 49er Worlds

7 Olympic medals in at Rio 2016

2016 49er Worlds

2016 470 Worlds

2016 420 Worlds

Mackay Boats win 7 Olympic medals in the 470 & 49er classes – London 2012

Check out more World Class results from Mackay Boats.

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